Urban Soul

For Your Consideration

Contemporary Instrumental Album

Improvised Jazz Solo - Something Sweet - Albare

Instrumental Composition - Something Sweet

Instrumental Composition - Urban Soul

Engineered Album, Non-Classical

Record of the Year

Album of the Year

The collaboration between Albare and Phil Turcio started 27 years ago when Albert Dadon – aka Albare – was looking for a new pianist for his band. At the time Phil had just turned 18. Albare recalls, “He was not even the youngest member of the band then; ourdrummerjustturned17.” “Theseguyssoundedsogood,itwas a pleasure already to play with them.” Phil explains that he and Albare hear music in the same way, “Everything I throw at Albare comes back as if I would have played it myself.” From beginning to end, listeners will hear the duo’s innate instincts, the perfect partnership, the gorgeous groove of two friends making music. “We love jazz, but not in the traditional sense,” says Albare. “I think that Jazz of the 21st Century is all encompassing. There are no limits.” That thought is evident as Albare and Phil Turcio come together as Urbanity. 


Something Sweet

The Mind Reader

Don't Look Back

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